Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quilt for a wee lassie

Here is another baby quilt with B/W and one color (See Blue Moo Baby Quilt for logic). The blocks are log cabin using two different sized strips, so the B/W strips were 2" and the greens 1.5"

I made this last Spring, before I had a machine that could handle top-stitching without spending hours fiddling with thread tension... So I just used a thin batting and sewed using a normal foot and feed dogs. I had green thread on top and black on the back.

To give the quilt an irish touch, I put 4 shamrocks in with green thread on both the back and the front. I just printed out a clip-art shamrock, traced around it with a white pencil, and sewed in the same manner I was doing the top stitching.


  1. I like the color choices. I am beginner and I haven't done too many traditional blocks but you made this quilt have a lot of interest! I will keep these colors in mind the next time I need to make a baby gift or a gift for someone.

  2. I love the quilt. The green really pops! I view blogs for inspiration. You are my inspiration for today. thank you

  3. Really really love your colour choices - I'm a novice quilter and am so inspired by your beautiful creations! Have just added you to my blogroll and looking forward to seeing more!!