Thursday, May 31, 2012

Twin quilts from twin sheets (or full or queen)

Back in 2009 I participated in a vintage bedsheet fat quarter swap hosted by Rosey Little Things.  Around the time of the swap I was driving from Idaho to Washington state (you go through Oregon to get there, no really you do... sometimes you drive through Oregon and Washington to get from South Idaho to North Idaho but that's another topic altogether).  I learned that thrift stores in small Oregon towns were the most amazing place to find great old sheets for quiltin' and swappin'.  The years of washing cause the colors to fade a bit but that just adds to the character.  Also, they are incredibly soft!

It took my until 2011 to finally use the fabric.  I had seen a photo years ago of two twin beds with quilts made from vintage sheets (that was long before pinterest so it's not something I'll ever find again). But it stuck with me and I based these 2 quilts for twin baby girls on that photo.

Since twins are the theme of this post, it's also nice that I got to make these with the help of my middle-name-twin Holly, who is my oldest friend.  We've been sewing together since we were kids, and we cranked out these quilt tops in no time when she was in town for a visit.  Thanks Holly... and don't worry, there's a baby quilt coming your way soon!

The blocks are 4.5" by 8.5".  I picked a simple block design because the prints speak for themselves.  The backs and bindings came from the leftovers of the sheets I cut up to send in fat quarters for the swap.  The top quilting was simple too.

I wish you could reach in and feel how soft these are!

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