Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spray Paint Saturday: Rainbow Mirror

It seems that all passionate spray painters remember how they got hooked.  My post-college roommate introduced me to the world of possibilities than can only come in a can.  Her introduction to spray painting was much more interesting than mine, as she picked it up from her grandfather.  He liked to tinker in the garage and always had paint around.

My very first spray paint project was a thrifted lamp about 7 years ago.  I just recently donated that lamp back to the Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store from where it came... but the silver paint was a serious upgrade from the condition it came in.

This sad old mirror came from the Youth Ranch's by-the-pound facility (think one man's trash is another man's trash waiting to be spray painted).  The frame is hollow plastic so it couldn't have been more than $1.50.  I don't have a photo of the mirror frame in its original 1970's brown color, here it was primed with white:

I used colors of paint already in my stash, with the exception of the yellow... $4 can of paint+$1.50 mirror, still a heck of a deal!

I had imagined that I would allow the paint to dry in between colors, but there was no need.  I dove right in.  The frame was already primed with white primer, so I sprayed glossy white, then went straight into the yellow, green, and blue.  I'm not sure if it's because the blue can was almost empty, or because the paint is thicker, but that layer of paint splattered a bit.  I grabbed the green and did a light spray over the color transition and covered the issue.

So there it is, guess I missed my calling to be do graffiti art.

Whats the first thing you ever spray painted?

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