Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back in Black (and White)

Hello again!

My lack of posting is not necessarily reflective of a lack of sewing, so let's play catch-up!

Here's a baby quilt for a high school friend's first child. I was in her wedding a bazillion years ago so it's about time that she and her husband gave her mom grandchildren! The first was a little boy, so I used the (FREE!) pattern from Robert Kaufman Fabrics called Hanging Garden (I downsized it to 6 blocks by 7 blocks to be baby sized). I thought it had a bit of a mid-century modern vibe so instead of lining up the rows I staggered them a bit so that the flowing lines would be slightly wonky.

As usual with baby quilts, I opted for black and white with an accent color.

Here's the final result:

A glimpse of the pieced back:

Here's the texture pre-wash/dry:

I love love love the final texture after drying. I used Warm & Natural batting.


  1. Gorgeous Quilting! How did you execute the concentric circles? (ie, walking foot, free motion? did you mark it? etc etc)

  2. I use a free motion foot. I just do it free hand, and after the first inner circle is done I try to keep the stitching an equal distance away all the way around (it's one giant swirl). I've also done this with a square and a star with good results.

  3. Beautiful Jerilyn! I copied your last mint one, but made it really colorful. I just bought cloth for my next one, and I like the way you connect the squares on this one. Maybe I'll copy you again:)